Self Care

Hey Honey!


Let me tell you, self love is the hardest form of love to find and practice, mostly because I find it requires a lot of patience and positivity. Everyone preaches that we should be kind to others (including me), strangers even, yet nobody preaches how we should also be kind to ourselves.  


It’s a shame that we’re so used to constantly creating a better version of ourselves, that we often forget how far we’ve come. Loving yourself isn’t vanity, it’s SANITY. It's okay to forgive ourselves when we mess up, its all about being able to hold that belief and confidence in our worth, no matter what happens around us.


Self love is the topic of conversation these days and many people tend to confuse it with narcissism. I personally feel not having a regard for your own well-being and happiness can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and mental health. Creating a regular routine and taking time out for yourself, allows you to feel more independent, confident and in control of your emotions.

Here you'll soon find self-care tips which have worked for me to help improve and maintain a healthy mindset and relationship with myself.

Bee Kind... this time, to yourself.

The Archive xx

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