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Ten Tips For Packing Like A Boss BEEtch

Catching flights, not feelings is all fun and games until you have to pack for the trip. So, where do you start and how do you avoid over packing? In all my years travelling and jet setting, it was only until I became a flight attendant did I really understand the real struggle of packing, especially when I’m playing airport standby roulette at work. I could be sent anywhere in the world and I have to carry the right clothes and amenities to match the climate of the country I may be sent to. Boy, have I had it wrong so many times.

See an example of me in the Canada when I was supposed to fly to Miami below (where I packed to expect blistering sun) but got sent to Calgary instead.

Banff | Canada


After years of struggling I’ve mastered the fine art of packing a suitcase, so you don’t have to. You can also use these tips to avoid checking in a bag on weekend trips, who really wants to pay extra to check in their bag and wait around by the baggage belt, only to be bashed by other people picking up their suitcase way before yours arrives.


Where you can, try and decant your hair and beauty products into smaller tubs. I always invest in little sample pots, tubs and small sprayable bottles to avoid carrying around all that weight in liquids. You can buy these off Ebay, Poundland or my favourite anything and everything store, Muji! Products that I decant into tubs include foundation, setting spray, perfume, shower gel, creams (including sun protection), shampoo and conditioners (never pay extra to buy those gimmicky overpriced mini bottles in drugstores when you can do it yourself, it’s also better for the environment!) When I do this, I usually don’t have to check in a bag. I can fit all of my little pots into a plastic bag which is usually available at airport security. Alternatively, you can use versatile products, like an all in one shampoo and conditioner or a moisturiser that already has SPF in it.


Where possible, try to minimise your liquids, especially if you’re trying not to over pack. I’ve recently switched to using the shampoo bars from lush instead of the traditional liquid form and I’m loving it! I carry it in a little waterproof pouch and I never have to worry about whether I have to check in my bag or not. Other products that you can buy in a solid form include toothpaste tabs, hand sanitiser wipes (instead of the bottle), sun protection in a hard balm form, solid deodorant and nail varnish remover pads. These products are not likely to be detected by the airport security scanners since they’re all in a solid format.


Roll everything, your clothes, your socks, and your underwear. Everything. This technique saves me SOO much room in my suitcase and usually stops my clothes from creasing. As long as you fold the clothes where the natural creases form, you won’t even have to re-iron your clothes when you reach your destination.


I LOVE cotton dresses and anything light and airy, but sometimes these crease up as soon as you fold them. Try and avoid packing clothes which are going to need reironing, this can be time consuming and you’ll be surprised how many hotels don’t provide you with an Iron. If you do find you’re stuck somewhere with no Iron, try briskly (but carefully) running your straighteners over the material. Alternatively, hang your clothes up in the bathroom while you’re showering. The hot steam from your shower will naturally press your clothes, like you would if you dry cleaned them! Who wants to Iron when they go on holiday anyways?


I always find there is NEVER a plug next to my bed at the hotel, so now I’ve learnt to carry an extension cord along with my universal adapter. Sometimes hotels only have one or two plugs and if you’re carrying two or three electronic devices plus hair and beauty appliances, plug searching can be a pain! Be savvy and carry one of these bad boys in your luggage. Be careful not to plug in too many items at once, and never leave devices charging unattended.


Take some time out before you fly to charge EVERYTHING, I mean everything. Your camera, laptop, Ipad and battery pack. There’s nothing worse than flying, getting on the aircraft and realising the PED power isn’t working. We live in a highly advanced world where living, let alone travelling isn’t viable without the use of technology. I always carry a battery pack with me because I always unexpectedly run out of battery (by unexpectedly I mean, when I take too many pictures and videos and my phone starts giving up on me). A good one to buy is usually one that can easily adapt to charge all of your devices, and gives more than just one measly charge. These type of battery packs usually require a lot of TLC and patience when it comes to recharging them, but it’s worth it when you realise you need a full battery to navigate where the nearest bar or train station is! Countless times I have saved myself and the crew from being stranded using Uber, because I had my battery pack.


If you’re traveling with friends, what better way to save space in your suitcases by sharing! When I took my best friend to the Bahamas with me, we shared almost everything! From clothes to make up, down to each other’s shoes! I’m so glad me and her had several video calls when we were packing! Sis, if your sis is taking the straighteners, you can take the hair dryer and vice versa! This makes for double the space in your suitcase to bring back souvenirs and shopping!


Leave plenty of room in your suitcase for unplanned purchases, you never know what you might end up bringing back home. I have made this mistake countless times and I’m surprised my trusty Samsonite case hasn’t split open across the past 10 years! If you pack less, you’re able to bring back a lot more, but even the best of us make this mistake. My advice would be, to not pack certain items if you know you’re going to be going clothes shopping. The best example of this would be if you’re going to outlets in the states, or markets in Asia! You don’t have to pack so many dresses, shoes and shorts if you plan on making purchases. Go shopping on the day you arrive, that way you can wear your shiny new purchases while you’re on vacation. It’s a win-win!


Plan all of your outfits honey bee! This minimises unnecessarily bringing shoes and clothes you’re not going to get a chance to wear. Plan your outfits by checking the weather ahead of time, and arrange outfits for specific activities you’re going to be doing! I always like trying the outfit on rather than imagining it in my head. I also tend to take picture of the different outfits I plan to pair up. I find when you land and finally get to the hotel you’re so tired that you don’t really know what to wear! This way you can refer back to the pictures and mix and match where you need to. Nobody likes an outfit repeater on holiday!


If you know your schedule is going to be jam packed with adventure, why are you taking your work laptop? Are you really going to be reading that book? Only take what you’re going to realistically need, this saves you from being unorganised and having excess clutter in your baggage.

So now you know how to pack like a pro! I hope you found these tips useful!

Until next time honey bee,

The Archive xx

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