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Little Princess Trust - Hair Donation

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Hi Honey Bees,

I was that girl with the longest and thickest hair growing up in school, so long that I got bullied for it. Regardless of the bullies, I remember everyone telling me that they loved my long hair but I would be better suited to short hair, because of my annoyingly small and round face. My mum being the typical Asian parent that she is, never allowed me to cut more than what was necessary when I went for my 6 monthly trim. I was so desperate to have short hair at one stage that I would try my hand with the scissors and secretly cut big chunks off the ends of my hair. My mum would always find out, like mums always do.

In fact, my first salon haircut was thanks to my cousin Ridhi. I remember meeting her after the 17 years we hadn’t seen each other and she took me to her salon and to Mac to buy my very first lipstick. I think I really got into hair and beauty after I met her, it really was a self-esteem boost.

The first haircut I had was the standard brown girl hair style, mid-length, choppy side fringe with feathers and layers. I had never seen so much volume in my hair in my life. I was around 15 at the time. After that my mum gave up and I pretty much started to book my own hair appointments. I think that was where I earnt my adult status, she secretly liked my new hair and I know this because we never went to the regular Indian aunties house down the road for a £6.50 trim ever again.

Me in 2010 rocking the side fringe that contributed to the demise of the vision in my right eye.

For decades really I have wanted to have short hair again. I used to have one as a little girl and I rocked it that little bob. See the evidence provided below...

It was only after I bagged my long-haul flight attendant career that I really grew my hair long. It was down to my back even after my regular hair appointments. I saw an advert on Instagram actually, which was like a sign to me since I take everything as a sign. It was a sponsored post about little girls with Cancer and how this charity, called Little Princess trust take your unwanted/donated hair and transform them into beautiful wigs for these little girls.

Some of these girls are terminally ill and don’t have long left to live, so something as small as a wig can help make their journey a little bit more bearable. I think hair is something we all really take for granted considering it is one of the most noticeable features about a person and often adds to our beauty. The thought of losing our own hair has never occurred to us, but imagine going through harsh chemotherapy sessions and losing your locks, especially as a little girl. I think it can be a terrifying and traumatic experience.

I decided to grow my hair out until I could bear no more the struggle of only washing it once a week and carrying the weight of it on my shoulders. I was so careful with my hair during this phase, I would oil it once a week, avoid unnecessary hair washes and even avoided the hair dryer and limited the use of straighteners and styling wands.

I have very thick hair, for work when I used to tie it into a bun, it would strain my neck over the course of the day, so I came to the point where I couldn't manage it anymore. I decided to cut my unruly roots in November 2019, a couple weeks before my birthday so it settled nicely.

Here's a picture of my hair a few months before I had the chop.

My mum took to me to our regular salon that we usually go to on the 09th November 2019. I remember feeling nervous and cathartic as the hairdresser spliced her way through several baby pony tails.

I gathered over 13 inches of hair and packed it into a small box for little princess trust. I waited a couple weeks before I posted it because I wanted to do a good deed on my birthday and wanted to feel like I had a purpose, as strange as that sounds.

Here’s the link to my Vlog from that day, and a couple pictures I took over the course of 3 months after. I actually wanted to go much shorter but for some reason the hairdresser advised against it.

We decided to go for an angled bob, longer at the front and shorter at the back, although I wish I went with my gut and went shorter! I was in love with my new hair!

I even received a cute certificate from Little Prince Trust a few weeks later in the post!

I would highly recommend donating your hair, even if you just did it once to experience how you would look with short hair because you would also be doing such a commendable deed at the same time. Many girls have said to me, that they wish they could do it too but they would be scared, but honestly it is something that, for us, can be easily regrown over time.

Below is a link to Little Princess Trust's website where you can find all the info you need to donate your hair and help LPT fund pioneering, life-saving research into childhood cancers.



As always my loves,

Bee kind to one another…

The Archive xx

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