Bee Kind Hive

Hi Honey Bee,

The Bee Kind Hive is where I’ll be sharing my mental health journey, along with self-care tips and tricks, and how to in general, Bee Kind towards others in life.

Mental health is so important to look after, and this is the health that we often ignore, but just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean we should neglect taking care of it. Self-love is arguably the most difficult journey of all, but the most important. Why would we not want to love ourselves the same way we love and take care of those close to us?

More often than not, it is difficult to understand what it is, we ourselves are going through, until we step back from our buzzyyy daily lives and take some serious time to reflect. We all have our hardships in life, yet we fail to acknowledge this when interacting with people daily. With this being said, I thinks it’s crucial that we treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Personally, I receive a great sense of gratification from doing one good deed or one kind action a day. It shifts the focus away from any negativity in my life and allows me to look at the bigger picture.

Why not try the Bee Kind challenge? For 30 days set yourself a goal to carry out an aspect of kindness. This could be anything from exchanging a smile with a stranger, letting someone pass in front of you in line, picking up litter or even holding the door open for someone. You'll soon realize you already had kindness within you, you just needed somewhere small to start.

Bee Kind. Start today and make someone’s day better.

The Archive xx

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